MEET During the initial meeting, we will have a thorough discussion about what you are looking for in your new home. Bring with you a floor plan, or a picture, along with a wish list and we will review and customize options to fit your needs. Finding out what you want in every phase of your home helps me generate an accurate budget.

SITE Once a floor plan is created and land to build is chosen, it is time to decide where your new home will be placed on your lot. Often my clients lean on me to visualize the layout for them.

SELECTIONS With most builders you make all selections —from roofing to paint color — prior to breaking ground but with David Watkins Homes almost no selections are final before we break ground. We will have a general idea of what you want, mainly to create a budget. Final selections are made as your house evolves because I realize that most can't see the vision on paper and rely on seeing the structure before decisions can be made. I will prompt you at the appropriate time when selections are needed for a given phase. For example, windows and roof come first but involve selecting all of the exterior choices because they blend together.

We work this way because we think it is very important that you are not overwhelmed with thousands of choices all at one time.

BUILD Once you have made your first selections, the construction of your new home will begin! You are always welcome on-site and are encouraged to interact with the DWH team daily. Additionally, I am always at your disposal and will meet with you at your building site or with vendors to help with selections of the next phase.

EXTRAS We are always here for you. After you have moved in, if you ever have any questions or concerns, we are available. We want to ensure you are completely satisfied with our work.

CONTACT DAVID TODAY. We are ready to begin building your dream home.